Monday, 3 January 2011

My Tattoos Explained

A lot of people on twitter have been asking me about my tattoos, so I think its a good topic to talk about on my blog! i love tattoos, the feel, the look. I'm not too keen on coloured tattoos, and my favourite types are Tribal and Mottos. Here they are, all explained:

This was my first tattoo I got. I was 15 at the time and wanted  tattoo so badly, so i got my sisters friends dad to do one for me. It's the Chinese symbol for 'horse', which is the year 1990. I was born in 1991. This is one big mistake for me! I was young and naive and didn't research enough before I went through with a tattoo and will therefore always appear a year older than I actually am! You've got to look back and laugh at situations like this though.

This was my second tattoo, yet another mistake. My friend Lindsey wanted a tattoo but didn't want to have one alone so I decided to get one too, but again hadn't researched and picked the cheapest one in the shop, which happened to be this. It is so random and I'm not happy with it at all. 

This is my 3rd tattoo, and possibly my favourite. I did research on this and decided upon getting a motto that means something to me and have it somewhere I will always see it. It reads 'Omnia Causa Fiunt', which is Latin for 'Everything Happens For A Reason'.. a quote which I believe in and live by.

My 4th tattoo, which I also love. It reads 'La Vida No Tiene Limites' which is Spanish for 'Life has no limits'.. because I believe if you put your mind to something then you can do it! :)

This is another favourite of mine. Since I got it while I was up north for a cheap price at only £40, it will always mean alot to me because of the time i spent in Lancashire and the people I met. I have always wanted a tribal tattoo, and this is still work in progress, hopefully in the end it will turn out something like this.  

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