Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

So, its now 2011! Another year has flew by, maybe quicker than I had hoped. After every year I always end up writing on my Facebook status about how 'crap the year was' and how much I'd hope the following year would be better. This year has been different. 

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to prove I could do something with my life, be independent. I packed up my bags and moved 300 miles away to Preston, Lancashire. I had some friends up there so it was the likely choice of place to move. I got a flat, tried looking for a job, and tried to enjoy myself. Although I had some good times, It wasn't how id imagine it would be. The people were too different to myself, The weather was different, the atmosphere was different. So in July, I moved back to my home City of Canterbury. For the first time in a long time, I was optimistic of sorting out my life, I got a job, met new friends, and became ME. 

There were still some ups and downs of course. Shortly after I moved back, my Grandad died. It made me feel a bit guilty that I hadn't seen him much because I was living far away. Then in October, my brothers girlfriend gave birth to a little baby boy, my first nephew. He had some complications with breathing so had to be taken to a different hospital which specialised in newborns. After having continuous fits and problems with eating, he was given an MRI, of which results showed he had Cerebral Palsy. Obviously not the greatest news. The last two months however have been great. My nephew was allowed out of hospital and he slowly got 'better', as much as he possibly could. 

Me and Amy Childs

I'd always wanted to move to Essex. It just seems more of my 'thing'. So when new ITV2 reality series 'The Only Way Is Essex' came on the TV, it was like pure gold. The real life drama pulled me in every episode. It was like 'Marmite', you either love or hate it. After the show, suddenly everybody knew what a 'VAJAZZLE' was. Amy Childs had started, or at least progressed the 'reddy/purple-y hair' trend, and being orange was a must for British people alike. When there was an offer of being an extra for the Christmas episode, i decided to go along, and check it out. I met some of the cast, like the band LOLA, and Amy Childs, all of which, are some of the nicest people i've met! Then some of the crew at Lime Pictures offered me to extra at the Essex Fashion Week Panto Ball, which even more of the cast were at, i've got to say, it all seems pretty real to me! My name is down to do extra for the second series, which i'm looking forward too. 

My new years resolution is to get fit, gain some muscle, and become a fitness model or something along those lines, big ambition but if i put my mind to it maybe I can do it. I'm really happy at the minute, i just hope 2011 turns out to be as good as 2010! :) Lets just hope I dont turn too much into an Essex Boy (See below) :D

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  1. Got to say Preston must have been bad for you to go back to C'bury, haha.. yet saying that I'd far rather live in Canterbury than Herne Bay!
    How did you find out about the extra for Only Way is Essex?
    Sending positive thoughts to your little nephew!x